I’m SO bored.

November 8, 2006 bebrb

Yeah. I’m SO bored. I guess maybe I should start a new catagory for useless ramblings. I’ll also start a catagory for rants. I’m gonna write a book. Yeah. Books… Well. No one reads this…so…I think I’ll just ramble…

Zoe, my friend, and I are gonna write a book. Maybe. I dunno. She said we should write half of a book over the summer and then connect our two parts. Like, you know how people write books in English and then in the back they have the book in Spanish only it’s upside down? Yeah. Well. We wanna do that. Only…in the same language. Rofl. I don’t know. I’m so retarded. I think I should bring a palm pilot EVERYWHERE with me so that I can write down things that I absolutely have to remember rofl. It should be in my brain recording all of my thoughts. They should do that. Seriously, they should make a chip that you can implant into your head that connects to your brain and it records every single bit of information that goes through your thoughts. You would never have to take notes EVER AGAIN. You’d just have to read. And occationaly pay attention in class. Boo-friggin-hoo.

I’m trying to think about everything all at once and it isn’t working. I have homework to do…science-I friggin’ HATE science-and math. I also want to start thinking about this book. And I have to get money for a backboard. And I have to think about this damn history fair project, and I have to do some other shit. I friggin’ hate school. It’s SO damn annoying. I have so many other things I could be doing! I’ll save this rant.

What I do when I’m bored.-What I do when I’m bored. I draw crappy pictures. You know what I’m doing in the picture? I’m reading. Also something I do when I’m bored. Good one, huh?


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