Rambling again. I do a lot of that.

November 9, 2006 bebrb

Okay. So, I’m at the library right now and I’m wating for Zoe to finish up on the computer so we can go to the store and buy soup. We’re supposed to be working, but we’re not…if you couldn’t tell… You see, we volunteer at the library…basically just for something to do. We never really get much done. I wish we could because I feel bad that we slack off all of the time, but we don’t have a long attention-span.

 Dude…speaking of my very short attention-span…-See? I’m already digressing. – I’m going to start this whole travel business thing. The only thing wrong with that is I only have about a half hour attention span if I really need to. If I don’t really care, my attention-span is about…15 minutes. So like…I had to go to this meeting to better understand my line of work so that I could succesfully talk to people and tell them about what I’m trying to do. (Yes, I’m still 13.) The only thing is…this conference is REALLY FRIGGIN’ BORING, and it goes on for about an hour. Now, they can do the whole conference in about 30 minutes, if they stop rambling about confusing things and be straight to the point. But no. They tell you about EVERYTHING. Even the stuff you don’t need to know. So, they drag it out to an hour and lose me after that 30 minutes. So, I’m thinking. Maybe I should just not pay attention for about a half hour and then the last half really put effort into listening and stuff…But yeah. I have to wait anyway. My dad needs to put one more person under him as a reffering Travel agent and then he can put me in. I’m not quite sure why…but I’m just trying to find people to put under him as quickly as possible. The benefits are SO great. You get reduced traveling and hotels and stuff because they’re paying you to go tell people. They’re not really paying you, but they are in deductions. So like…immagine a trip to Las Vegas, it would only be like…$80 per night. That’s what the leader said, but he’s pretty high up there. But you know…if you can get that many people under you, that’s really good! You also get like…all these tax deductions. So yeah. If you want to learn more about it go to www.eggheadtravel.com So yeah. Go there and check it out. It’s totally worth it.


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